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Horrible angles 2 years ago
Dude, you are either retarded or literally have no skill in camera shots. Almost all of your camera shots were terrible. Time to find a new profession. I hear the special Olympics are looking for more athletes lololololol
2 years ago
You suck at this bud
Sucky 2 years ago
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Ray Berrian 5 months ago
To all of the commenters who are negative?
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San diego 6 months ago
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FreakyGEMINIcasting 2 months ago
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5 months ago
Should always keep the camera on that chick from start to finish ,
2 months ago
La poveretta dovrebbe essere scopata per bene : purtroppo ha trovato un deficente che l'unica sua aspirazione è fare vedere agli amici del bar che si è fatto un filmino porno , ...con risultati disastrosi . Bastardo .